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Wordpress theme photography - full 1

Wordpress theme photography - full 1

Single License - 8$ +

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  • Simple & Easy  administrative page

  • Create Photo galery category

  • Create video galery category

  • Upload multiple image

  • Sort photo video galery category

  • Create block page

  • Upload your logo

  • Upload favicon

  • Delete menu ittem

  • Add menu ittem

  • All  page have SEO fields (title, description, keywords)

  • Add and delete fields for contact form

  • Change email for contact form

  • Add image and title for Slider and delete image

  • Add code for analitycs (google analitycs)

  • Add code for live chat

  • Translate website in your language

  • Add link to Social site (twitter,facebook,google,linkedin)

  • Add and delete page

  • 5 page template

Photographer personal website wordpress template Photographer personal wordpress template