Easy way to create a professional website.

Are the themes Search Engine Optimized?

Yes. By its nature, WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform. We have made extra steps with Organic Themes to maximize SEO potential, such as the proper usage and placement of the title, excerpts, headings and valid code. In addition, third party plugins can easily be added to further increase Search Engine Optimization

Are refunds possible?

 Of course, our work includes a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the theme, we are more than happy to provide support for free and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can’t be resolved with support or you are not happy with the theme we refund money.

Install theme like a demo

Yes, you can use this services because is free. if you all ready have instaled wordpress on the hosting you should create a wordpress user with the administrator privilegies and send to us the login and password, (no worryes after that you can change the login and password or delete that user from wp-admin) and we will install the theme exact like a demo. This will help me? yes this will help you to understand where is or where i can change the content.

   -yes, we care about the security, for us this is one important think.

Payment Methods:



How can i buy them or website:

Click button add to cart -> select license and instal thememplate or not and select payment method.

After success payment

After success payment you can download your themplate or website in  my orders



Can I change the background?

Yes. The theme background color and image can be changed within the WordPress Appearance -> Background for all of our themes.

Can I change the logo?

Yes. Left menu admin panel Them option -> LOGO AND FAVICON and select type of logo download your logo or write text.

Can I add, delete, edit fields for contacts form ?

Yes. Left menu admin panel Them option -> General settings .

Can I add cod for analitycs web site (google) ?

Yes. Left menu admin panel Them option -> General settings .

Is possible to clear link "Web templates" in footer of websites ?

Yes. Look screen . Clear the field and press save!